Technology and Planning Consulting

30 years, 600 projects and 180 clients is the experience that helps us to understand that anything can happen during the product development process and that preparation, planning and clear objectives are key components to success. Our team of technologists, business professionals, engineers and program managers help clients find clarity at all stages of development – from planning and analysis to detail engineering and manufacturing.

We listen to your goals, objectives, and concerns and collaboratively plan an optimal solution. We are in it with you for the duration.

600 application engineering projects.

With many projects yielding intellectual property, TechEn has a unique perspective on helping you plan an IP strategy.

Uncovering issues before they are issues.

Systematic design reviews provide the security of moving from one phase of development to another. We are expert at risk reduction.

Project issues can occur
at any time.

We help the team step back and analyze the project or technology and often develop multi-tiered solutions. We turn around product and project challenges.

Providing clarity through detail planning.

Our plans ensure we are in alignment with your goals and objectives. Careful timeline, budget, resource and activtiy planning are TechEn hallmarks.