Design and Development Capabilities

We focus on the science within the product. And our cross market segment experience, from medical to industrial to consumer, helps us bring unique solutions to tough technical product development problems.

Each market segment brings its own challenges, from low cost solutions and ODM manufacturing required by consumer markets to high reliability and regulatory compliance required by medical markets, TechEn solves the core business issues through creative technology solutions learned from 30 years of multi-segment experience.

Embedded Engineering

Systems Engineering – from requirements management and specification development to detailed engineering and verification testing, Systems Engineering is the glue that brings complex systems to life and provides reliable performance in the real world.

Electrical – A wide range of Electrical Engineering capabilities, including, but not limited to, analog and digital hardware circuit design, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded microprocessors, FPGA development, PCB design, low power optimization, controllers, sensor modules, and more.

Software – embedded 8, 16 and 32 bit firmware, Linux, multiple software languages, Android applications, User Interface (UI) display software, data acquisition, algorithms, and more.

Control Systems – motor and motion control, PID, adaptive and learning control feedback systems, algorithms, sound systems, test equipment and more.

Sensor Integration

Many systems today employ one or more sensors. Managing the interaction between sensors within a complex platform can be critical to the product working reliably and within power consumption limitations.

TechEn has delivered products incorporating GPS, compass (including accelerometer, positional and orientation), RFID, optical flow, thermocouple, thermistor, RTD, resistive and capacitive touch, potentiostatic, flow (gas and fluid), pressure, strain, vacuum, optics, imaging, acoustic, ultrasound, sonar, and many more.


Communications are at the heart of so many products today. We have a wide range of experience in managing multiple communications protocols from a systems perspective.

Wireless – Bluetooth, BTLE, NFS, WiFi, USB, Zigbee, MiWi, tunneling internet device connectivity, cell phone modems

Wired – Ethernet, asynchronous and synchronous serial and parallel interfaces, optical link, Fieldbus, Modbus, and Profibus

Systems that Collect, Filter, Transform and Analyze Data

Data Acquisition – High speed signal sampling, packet management, memory buffering schemes, large scale memory and FIFO. Wireless data acquisition offers its own challenges. WIth our NIRS wireless product work, we have maximized medium distance data trasfer at very high speeds.

Analog/Digital : Digital/Analog – Analog to digital and and digital to analog. Maintaining signal and transformation integrity is paramount to a reliable product.

Algorithms and DSP – Signal conditioning, algorithm development and digital signal processing including complex filtering scheme requiring high speed processing capability. TechEn is expert at developing algorithms and filters in areas involving ultrasonic and audio applications, sensor data interpretation, optics and laser signal applications, positional data sets including GPS and optical flow and a wide range of additional categories.

From Power Management to User Interface

Power Management – Microprocessor optimization, display selection optimization, charging and capacitor custom circuit implementation, energy harvesting, and battery life extension. In addition, TechEn develops custom power supplies for instrumentation and industrial products.

GUI – LCD, embedded monochrome, color HD tablet displays in Linux, Windows and custom architecture environments. TechEn maintains the graphical designers intent by managing color, hue, brightness and graphical transitions.

From Industrial Design to Complex Mechanical Development

Industrial Design – TechEn has direct experience in medical, consumer and industrial segments. User studies, ergonomics, human factor and artistic design are hallmarks of many of our programs. We work with activity specific partners to bring the best talent to the project.

Mechanical Design – Internally, our engineers will lead simple electronic packaging. However, our mechanical design partners bring direct subject matter expertise, whether consumer electronics, consumer health, medical devices and instruments, sports and fitness, rugged industrial equipment or laboratory instrumentation.

Thermal Management – Product reliability is often tied to thermal management. Whether cooled actively or passively, we have extensive experience in managing thermal gradients with conductive, convective or radiant solutions.

From Light to Sound to RF Energy

Optics, lasers and LEDs – Optical transmitter/receiver systems from ultra-violet to visible to infrared wavelengths including:

- Custom laser and infrared systems from brain imaging to proximity detection

- LED systems from any color to multi-colored for consumer, industrial and medical market segments.

Audio, sonic and ultrasonic – Ultrasonic emitters and receivers, signal conditioning, audio circuit development, signal filtering and conditioning. Custom circuitry, PCBs using multiple processors including ADI, TI, Freescale, Microchip and others.

RF Generators – Balanced RF power circuits with maximum stability for a wide range of environments, reflectivity reduction and thermal management

From Cost Reduction to Regulatory Approval

Cost reduction – Circuit optimization, tolerance relaxing, algorithm modification and microporocessor and material selection. Driven by our consumer market segment history, TechEn has significant of experience reducing product cost in consumer, industrial and medical market segments.

Regulatory Approval Support – FDA, UL, CE, FCC, IPX, FM and other industry specific requirements. We develop designs and follow through to verification testing by working seamlessly with your team to ensure certification is attained.

Mobile/Tablet Applications

Mobile applications to confirm functionality. We work with industry specific partners to provide complex mobile applications that work seamlessly with your products.