Management Team

The TechEn management team understands that your success depends on our delivering. Our company and project leaders all started their careers by doing the work, from inventing and researching to engineering and testing. Understanding technology and getting it to work in the real world is an integral part of our culture. Our full-time staff of engineers, designers, technicians and support personnel are dedicated to providing solutions that exceed your expectations.

William A. JohnsonWilliam A. Johnson

Chief Executive and Technical Officer

As CEO, Bill drives the company strategy and culture while overseeing TechEn operations. He continually focuses on the company’s commitment to provide the best talent and capabilities to meet evolving client needs. As CTO, Bill oversees TechEn program managers, consultants and engineers in providing world class technical solutions while ensuring seamless transition to production ready products.

His hands-on leadership has brought TechEn through 30 years of serving clients with technology consulting, product development, and supply chain development and management. Bill’s greatest satisfaction comes from understanding client goals and directives and employing TechEn’s talent and broad experience to deliver value. Prior to TechEn, Bill held positions at Bose and Pratt and Whitney. He has been awarded 8 patents and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with High Honors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Arthur "Buzz" DiMartino Arthur "Buzz" DiMartino


As President, Buzz oversees client relations, the financial and operational performance of the company, and manages TechEn’s NIRSOptix division. His leadership has led to consistent organizational and revenue growth over the last decade including doubling the size of our facilities in 2011 to accommodate client needs for light manufacturing and a growing technical staff.

His leadership has led to TechEn’s business and research community diversification through our NIRsOptix division. Marketing and selling instrumentation globally, Buzz works with universities and research organizations helping them to better understand brain function, including diverse applications ranging from stroke rehabilitation, epileptic seizures, concussions, balance, cerebral palsy and psychiatric concerns such as depression. Buzz has also been an invited speaker at several conferences and has published several articles on advances in neuro-optical imaging and trends in electronic products. Buzz holds degrees in Bachelor of Arts Business Administration from Brown University and a Masters in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business.

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Robert Dewsnap

Principal Engineer, Project Manager

As Principal Engineer, Project Manager, Bob oversees some of the most technical and difficult projects in TechEn’s portfolio. His leadership is instrumental in the development and delivery to market of our NIRs (near infrared spectroscopy) system for brain imaging and mapping. His experienced team leadership consistently steers TechEn talent through the delivery of our client’s projects.

Bob’s comprehensive experience has led to a broad spectrum of product design successes. His technical depth ranges from digital signal processing and optical based healthcare devices to high speed data acquisition and remote embedded systems. With his commitment to quality, Bob places the client’s needs first in both form and function. Joining TechEn in 2005, Bob remains focused on successful outcomes and has helped place TechEn’s NIRSOptix division on a world stage. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University.

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Carol Tate

Vice President, Business Administration

As VP of Business Administration, Carol oversees the administrative and project accounting functions for the company. She maintains the day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities, ensuring good accounting practices are followed. In addition, she helps the team track project budgets consistent with the company’s focus on providing quality, value and timely delivery. Carol also is part of the grant writing team at TechEn where her attention to detail has helped TechEn win six SBIR grants with topics ranging from Brain Trauma to Breast Cancer Imaging.

Administratively, Carol supports TechEn’s human resource responsibilities and operational issues. During her twenty+ years tenure at TechEn, Carol helps with business development by maintaining long term relationships with TechEn clients. Carol is an avid dog enthusiast. In particular, she supports homes for mistreated dogs and has participated in national events raising animal kindness awareness.

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