TechEn has 30 years' experience developing medical device and technology products. From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, we provide clients with the assurance of offering their customers commercially viable designs in coordination with the client's regulatory plan.

Wireless Glucose Patch and Monitor

Wireless, Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patch and Monitor

Client had a working laboratory device, but the form factor, electronics and communications methods to the display console were incompatible for a product level diagnostic patch. TechEn maintained the integrity of the sensor science and developed the device within budget and timeline.

Client Need

  • Start-up with initial funding and tight schedule

  • Needed a team to work integrally with theirs

  • Basic science largely complete and needed team to help solve all the sundry PDLC issues

TechEn Solution

We developed an iterative program to match available funding. By working closely with the science team, we were able to deliver the first working prototypes on time and budget, enabling the client to obtain ongoing funding as milestones were met.

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded Sensors Wireless DSP Audio Power Management DAQ Cost Reduction Regulatory

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