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EarCheck by EarCheck, LLC

Sonic Fluid-in-Ear (Middle Ear Effusion) Detection Device

This in-home device uses gentle sound waves reflecting off the eardrum to measure the level of middle-ear fluid, a cause of ear pain and sign of infection.

Client Need

  • Cost reduce first production design

  • Demonstrate equivalence for FDA 510K approval

  • Fast development time

TechEn Solution

By understanding the science behind the product, we were able to develop a low risk cost reduction program that helped the client meet unit cost requirements and product delivery timeline.

  • Analyzed existing system processing, and developed equivalent, more efficient algorithms running on single chip microcontroller

  • Synchronous sampling techniques improved signal to noise ratio

  • Reduced cost of electronics by replacing D/A converter with novel low-cost resistor circuitry architecture strategy

  • Developed comprehensive Design Verification Test, proving equivalency

  • Device on the market today - can be purchased at stores such as Walgreen's and Amazon

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded Sensors Algorithms Audio Power Management DAQ Mechanical Cost Reduction Regulatory

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