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Portable bone densitometer by CyberLogic

Portable Ultrasonic Bone Densitometer

Bone densitometry is an increasingly important diagnostic tool as baby boomers come of retirement age. This technology has proven to be comparable in accuracy to X-Ray densitometry without the negative effects of radiation. Furthermore, ultrasonic instrument costs are low enough for use in physician offices, enabling a large segment of the population to be assessed and monitored before bone loss reaches critical levels.

Client Need

  • Customer had sophisticated acoustic model and analytics, needed multi-channel ultrasonic hardware design

  • Patient interface needed to be repeatable year-to-year

  • Instrument operation should be simple enough for average practitioner usage

  • Accurate device performance to allow for insurance charge code with minimum training

TechEn Solution

  • Simple, but accurate mechanical solution to locate patient radius bone at 1/3 location

  • Accurate positioning and measurement of distance between transmit – receive transducers

  • Multi-channel receiver provides complete scan across bone width

  • DSP controlled high rep-rate measurement allows multiple measurement averaging for consistency

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded GUI Power Management DSP Sensors Ultrasound Mechanical Regulatory

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