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EarCheck by EarCheck, LLC

Underground Utility Electronic Marking Wand Writes to Google Earth

This tightly packed high technology work force management tool employs a wide range of sensing, computational and communications power. Built on a Linux platform, TechEn integrated GPS, compass (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), optical flow and color, audio in, Doppler range detection and environmental (temperature, humidity and light level) sensors. Multiple communications schemes were developed with the first versions utilizing in-truck network connections. The LCD color display is designed for easy viewing in most any lighting condition. Battery selection and implementation allows for very remote device use without fear of running out of power.

Client Need

  • Desired new technology to accurately mark underground utilities on aerial imagery and Google Earth

  • Desire to verify and validate workforce performance remotely

  • Technology had to have wide appeal across a number of industries as technology has broad applications

TechEn Solution

TechEn had broad influence over the development of this technology. As the system integrator involving four partners, TechEn's leadership guided development from technical feasibility through beta pilot production. TechEn was also responsible for manufacturing process development, production verification testing and delivering pilot production volumes for field validation studies.

  • Developed initial proof-of-principle devices

  • Guided most facets of the product development lifecycle

  • Delivered a technical and production solution that exceeds the expectations of the client's customers

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded wireless GUI Power Management DAQ Sensors Audio ultrasound Thermal design Industrial design Mechanical design

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