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hilmor e-gauge

HVAC Electronic Gauge and Vacuum Sensor System

Our client began a complete remake of their HVAC tool kit to refresh the product line by providing cutting edge look, feel and performance. TechEn's overall goal was to develop the top-of-the-line electronic gauge device such that the technician could easily set the gauge up, read and understand the display and have confidence in the results. This tough-tool package provides intuitive stepper motor driven dial gauges that can adapt to multiple refrigerant classes.

Client Need

  • Desire to develop new product line to bolster market position

  • Simplify refrigeration diagnostics system to improve technician performance

  • Desire to deliver a delightful consumer experience with a cross between digital and analog gauge

TechEn Solution

Prior to developing the novel micro-step motor dial gauge, we implemented complex algorithms to correlate analog sensor data with digital output. The embedded refrigerant data tables were correlated to color coding in the displays, allowing for easy and delightful user interaction. By working closely with the client's marketing team, we were able to deliver the first working prototypes on time and budget, and meet user study expectations.

  • Stepper motor driven pointers augmented by numeric LCD readouts provide comfortable, familiar response with the accuracy of numeric readouts

  • Implemented unique, highly intuitive gauge graphics

  • Power management allowed for maximum battery life

  • When sold within a kit, the E-gauge is the leading component offering

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded GUI Power management ADDA DAQ Sensors Cost Reduction Regulatory

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