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Solar Powered Refuse Container/Compactor

Our client developed a solar powered refuse container/compactor for garbage, bottle and can recyclables and paper recyclables. A major issue with street based refuse containers is how often they need to be emptied. Solar powered compacting reduces manual labor up to 80% by greatly extending the amount of time between pick-ups. TechEn worked with the client's industrial design and mechancial engineering team to provide the operating electronics and software. Client's refuse container/compactors are utilized worldwide to keep streets and parks clean while saving municipalities time and money.

Client Need

  • Reduce or eliminate down-time due to insufficient battery power

  • Prevent device jamming from incomplete compacting cycle

  • Further improve bin oversight to continually reduce inefficient pick-up schedules

TechEn Solution

We developed the main control board with daughter communications PCBs including cell modem and WiFi connectivity. This program was completed over multiple projects as the client further refined the product requirements. TechEn participated from specification development and documentation through pilot manufacturing of devices for validation studies.

  • Developed motor control, sensor interface and algorithms to control when a compacting cycle can safely begin

  • Developed control PCB and software that consumed minimal power. This included rewriting code so that it could fit into a lower power consumption microcontroller

  • Implemented low power cell phone modem so that the device could stay in touch with the central remote monitoring station

  • Fabricated all PCBs for in-shop verification and in-field validation testing

TechEn contribution to the project:

Embedded Analog-Digital Data Acquisition Digital Signal Processing Sensors Power Management Cell Phone Modem

See 'Solar Powered Compactor' onYouTube