Consumer Healthcare

TechEn believes in helping us to understand ourselves and our bodies. We develop wearable sensing device products on two levels:

EarCheck by EarCheck, LLC

Wearable Body Sensor Devices for Health and Life

Our body worn device projects span consumer health and awareness to medical diagnostic monitoring. This class of project usually involves significant miniaturization, wireless communications, very low power consumption and reliable data collection and analysis using custom algorithms. TechEn has implemented most every type of sensor, including accelerometers, resistance and pressure transducers, optical sensors, acoustic and ultrasonic devices and more.

Market Need

  • Develop new technology to help us to understand ourselves and our environments

  • Implement new sensor technology to lower the cost and acceptance barrier to wearable devices

  • Rapidly prove feasibility using existing sub-systems and off-the-shelf components. Refine and integrate designs to reduce size and production cost

TechEn contribution to various body wearable sensor projects:

Embedded GUI Power management ADDA DSP DAQ Sensors Cost Reduction Industrial Design Mechanical design Mobile app Optics lasers Regulatory thermal design