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TechEn understands the subtle impact of a high quality Graphical User Interface with touch screen. Understanding the use environment and translating the graphical designer's intent to the product outcome is a passion. Our lead engineers interpret graphical designer's work into realistic display driven architectures.

EarCheck by EarCheck, LLC

Rope Jump Fitness System

Working seamlessly with the graphical design team, we helped the client to present to their users an intuitive, superbly structured graphical display with touch screen control. Implementation of touch screen controls requires an understanding of the user's finger swipes and touch patterns. TechEn produced a range of performance response screens for client evaluation prior to finalizing the software.

Client Need

  • Develop a rich graphical user interface with integral equipment control touch screen

  • Client employed a graphical artist, yet was concerned that graphics be faithfully translated into the desired user experience

  • Worked color intensities, hues and brightness to maximize user visibility, comprehension and comfort

  • Created the entire touch screen feel

  • Addressed multiple data inputs into dynamic display segments

TechEn solution:

  • Using C++ in a Windows OS, TechEn maximized visual clarity integrating with the data acquisition system and creating interpretive algorithms

  • Worked seamlessly with client and independent graphical artist to create a motivating user experience

TechEn contribution to the project:

GUI ADDA DSP Cost Reduction

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