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Hydroponic Growing System

This hydroponic system allows growing a variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs in your personal living space. Plants are grown in a healthy, insecticide-free environment using the Aeroponic hydroponic system.

Client Need

  • Simplified design of previous products to reduce parts and manufacturing costs

  • Short time to market

  • New user control to simplify set-up and improve user experience

TechEn solution:

  • A team of industrial designers and electrical, software and mechanical engineers came together to develop a new ground-up design with over 100 design improvements

  • Concept to volume off-shore production was accomplished in five months

  • Intuitive user control: automated “garden” brain simplifies garden planting and coaches the entire growing experience. System allows for unprecedented customization for sophisticated users.

TechEn contribution to AeroGarden success:

Embedded Sensors Cost Reduction Regulatory

See 'The Amazing Hydroponic Growing System' onYouTube

See 'Setting Up The Hydroponic Growing System' onYouTube