TechEn understands the balance between reliability, COGs, consumer delight and profit margins. We pride ourselves in understanding not only the principles of low cost assemblies, but also being on a first name basis with a variety of global ODMs. We can usher your product from technical proof-of-principle through low cost domestic manufacturing and into offshore ODM production houses.


Multiple High Tech Audio Projects for Leading Consumer Audio Companies

Multiple projects for our clients have included: audio docks, wireless audio systems, home music center amplifiers, electronic equipment manufacturing of associated volume controls, aux panels and CSI units, and production of driver life test detectors.

Our work includes the prototype design and production of the noise cancellation headphones (not pictured) used in the first non-stop flight around the world, the Voyager aircraft. These noise cancellation headphones are currently displayed in the cockpit of the Voyager at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Our staff has experience with consumer hi-fi receivers, equalizers, professional audio mixers and speaker design.

Industry Need

  • Develop high fidelity, robust, low cost circuits that survive ODM manufacturing variance

  • Tie high fidelity audio to mobile and wireless streaming

  • Develop novel audio circuits to withstand intellectual property scrutiny

TechEn contribution to various audio projects:

Embedded GUI Power management adda DSP DAQ sensors Cost Reduction Industrial Design Mechanical Regulatory Thermal deisgn