Innovation in electronic product development for over 30 years

Markets We Serve

  • Medical and Diagnostic

  • Consumer and Consumer Health

  • Industrial Technology

Range of Customers

Start-ups - Getting your venture off the ground requires focus and determination. We help you get there.

Established Companies - From revitalizing current products to creating the next generation. TechEn brings the experience and skill to assist your team.

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Our Value Proposition

TechEn bridges the gap between an idea, the electronic technology, its application and ultimately, the product. Our senior engineering staff listens to your goals and develops a clear plan to reach them.

We help you identify important milestones and activities that drive project success.

We deliver scaled solutions that seamlessly align with your business, technical and use case requirements.

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Our Technologies

TechEn's engineering team utilizes a wide range of technology skills to deliver powerful and exciting products.

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